WX4 Firmware

*You will need a PC to install the latest firmware to your device.


Use this for all Wired WX4 controllers


For all product codes starting with WX4NSW-1* & WX4NSW0*

Use this firmware for Wireless WX4 without RGB lightning


For all Product codes starting with WX4NSW-2* & WX4NSW-3*

Use this firmware for Wireless WX4+ controllers with RGB lightning. 


For all Product codes starting with WX4NSW-4*


Please do not connect your controller until you have followed all of the below steps. 


Step 1 - Please download the latest firmware using the download buttons above. Please ensure you select the correct model. 


Step 2 - Unzip the files and open the ".exe" file


Step 3 - With the firmware loaded and visible on screen, 

• if using the wireless WX4, please select the "auto download" mode. Press and hold "D-pad up" and "B", and whilst pressed connect the USB cable to your PC via the cable provided.

• if using the wired WX4, click "openfile" and select the .hex file which was downloaded alongside the .exe file. Then simply connect the wired controller to your PC and press "Download".



WX4 Wireless

WX4 Wired


Step 4 - Once the controllers are connected and the downloads have started, you will see a prgress bar on the menus. These downloads will take approximately 10 seconds, and once complete will show that they are succesfull. 


WX4 Wireless

WX4 Wired


Step 5. The firmware status bar will show a successful install by increasing to 100% followed by a "PASS" mark.


Step 6 - Once complete and you have seen a "PASS" mark, please disconnect your controller from your PC. Your firmware installation is complete. 


If you need any further support, please contact support@gioteck.com and we will be happy to assist.